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Q. How do I get my PWC on and off of the SportPort?

A. Loading and launching your PWC is about as easy as it gets. Slowly approach the SportPort until the PWC touches it. Then ease into the throttle until the PWC moves up and onto the SportPort. To launch the PWC just slide it backward a foot or two. When you climb on the PWC it will slide off. If that’s too much work for you, you can get one of our winch assist systems and make it even easier.

This process is made even easier when you apply some silicon spray to the edge of the chines where they contact the PWC.

Q. How do I get my boat on and off of the SportPort?

A. Loading and launching your boat is all done using the throttle. Slowly approach the SportPort until the boat touches it. Then ease into the throttle until the boat moves up and onto the SportPort. To launch the boat, trim the motor down all the way. Put it in reverse and back off slowly.

This process is made even easier when you apply some silicon spray to the edge of the chines where they contact the boat.

If you have a jet boat you will have to choose between pushing it back by hand or using one of our winch assist systems. With the larger jet boats, you’re going to want the winch just to get it started in the rearward direction. Just crank it back a foot or two and you’re good to go.

Q. How do I know which SportPort product I need for my Boat/PWC?

A. Call 888-WHY-WORK (949-9675) or email, a trained representative will ask you a few simple questions to determine exactly which SportPort product you should have to fit your needs.

Q. Why is ‘Foam Filled’ important?

A. Because sinking is not a good thing. This is as much a philosophy with us as it is a practice. We have some competitors that choose to save on the cost of the foam core and offer hollow float products. Even a pin hole can cause a hollow box to sink and that gets ugly. We strive to offer a product that will be long lasting and as we like to say

“All Play and No Work”

Q. Does it come in any other colors besides white?

A. White is the only color that the SportPorts come in. We have tried other colors in the past, but they were all too hot on the feet on a summer day, so we make them in white. However, if you insist on a custom color, are aware of the heat issues and are willing to order enough SportPorts, we’ll talk.

Q. Can I leave my SportPort in the water all year round?

A. It has been done. Both intentionally and non-intentionally. Shifting ice is the issue here. It can wreck docks and even sea walls. Keep in mind when “the other guys” who say you can leave it in the water all winter, warranty only against “manufacturers defects”. Make good choices.

Q. How can I become a dealer for SportPort?

A. We have areas available. Call us toll free 888-WHY-WORK (949-9675) or email we would love to have you as a part of our SportPort Team!

Q. How will my SportPort be delivered?

A. If you are located in an area that has a dealer, you will purchase directly from them and they will assist you with delivery and even installation if you so desire. If you are not near a dealer, we will ship it to you via common carrier and it will be delivered to your business, home or marina.

Q. Will the SportPort scratch the hull of my boat or PWC?

A. SportPort Docking Systems are made of a polyethylene that is softer than the fiberglass /gel coat on the hull of your boat. Be sure to keep the surface of your SportPort clean & free of marine growth, sand or grit that may scratch the hull of your boat or PWC.

Q. What kind of maintenance do I need to do on my SportPort?

A. Since there are no moving parts that require upkeep, the only maintenance that you need to do is to keep the SportPort clean and free of marine growth or grit. Hosing your SportPort off & an occasional swipe with a boat brush is all that is required!

Q. Can I install the SportPort on my own?

A. Yes! Our installation is not only simple, it is also inexpensive. If you decide that you do not want to do the installation on your own, you can have your dealer set you up with an installer, or call a Dock Builder or handy man in your local area to do it for you.

Q. Do I need bottom paint on my boat or PWC?

A. No. The SportPort Docking System eliminates the expense & hassle of using bottom paint. Your boat or PWC will be High & Dry on the SportPort! Boats hold their value better if they do not have bottom paint also. Bottom paint will make it more difficult to launch and load as well.

Q. Will barnacles hurt my SportPort?

A. No. Barnacles growing on the underside of your SportPort will not hurt or affect the use of your SportPort Docking System.

Q. Why don’t SportPorts have rollers like some other products?

A. Because we’re stubborn. Just kidding. But they sure look good in the brochure don’t they? We’ve been making SportPorts for 18 years. If rollers were a better idea, we’d have them, right?

The problem with rollers is that they break. When they break or stop rolling, it is very hard to get the boat off. Just call Sea-Tow!

A squirt of silicon on the chines every now and then makes loading and launching a breeze, and eliminates that maintenance. Silicon spray is about $1.49 at a home improvement store. Replacing those rollers isn’t cheap!

Q. I keep my boat at a Marina, can I use a SportPort in my slip?

A. Marinas typically don’t have a problem with a SportPort in a slip. In fact, we have many marinas that sell them. The SportPort doesn’t put any more stress on the marina’s dock structure than a boat does because it floats independently from the dock.

Most boats that sink, sink at the dock. Batteries go dead, bilge pumps fail, etc., etc. It makes a real mess in a marina. A boat properly loaded on a SportPort just can’t sink and don’t have to deal with the EPA.

Q. What if I have more than one PWC?

A. SportPorts are modular. They can be connected with our patented interlock system to handle as many PWC’s as your are willing to own.

Q. Do I need electricity to use my SportPort?

A. No. There are no mechanics or moving parts on a SportPort, so there is nothing that will need repaired or replaced in the future, and no need to run up your electric bill!

Q. What makes the SportPort Docking System better than the other floating docks that are available?

A. There’s a few things like price, quality, unsinkable and no maintenance (no moving parts), to name a few.

In most markets we are less expensive than the other guys.

We have figured out a few things in our 18 years of making SportPorts. We strive to make the best product we can so your boating experience is “All Play and No Work”.“Unsinkable” is huge. We spare no expense in making every SportPort with a solid foam core. It’s just the right way to do it. The last thing you want is a Drive- On dock that doesn’t float your boat high and dry. At that point it’s worthless. We are the only company that makes a modular system that is completely foam filled.

Q. Why should I buy a SportPort over a traditional mechanical lift?

A. There are pros and cons to both styles. We can’t float boats over 28 or 30 feet (yet). We can’t do inboards or boats that are in the “very heavy” category (yet). We can’t do those boats with the stepped hull design (yet).

There is, however, a list of benefits to owning a SportPort.

1) Its really fast and easy to come and go. In just seconds you can back off and you’re boating. That’s convenience.

2) Lower Initial Cost: Typically a SportPort is less expensive than buying a mechanical lift. They don’t require expensive piling work, electrical work or in many cases even a permit. Just the installation of a mechanical lift can cost as much a SportPort.

3) Lower Long term cost: All those moving parts on a mechanical lift will require fixing or replacing at some point. A SportPort will cost less to own over time.

4) Its safer: Electricity, cables, pulleys and thousands of pounds of boat being raised or lowered are all things you need to pay attention to so no one gets hurt. A SportPort has none of that going on.

5) Less Maintenance:

All those moving parts on a mechanical lift will require fixing or replacing at some point. When your lift is broken, you’re probably not boating that day.

6) More Security: Most boats that sink, sink at the dock. A boat or PWC properly loaded on a SportPort won’t sink.

7) Modular and upgradeable:

Typically a mechanical lift is built for a specific size and weight of boat. If you change boats you may need a different lift. That can get expensive. A SportPort can be expanded to suit your next boat more cost effectively.

8) Resale value: It’s easy to re-sell a SportPort because it can be used for any number of boats vs. a mechanical lift that was built for a specific sized boat. The cost to uninstall and then reinstall a mechanical lift will affect the value of that lift on resale.

If you didn’t find your question, please contact us, toll free 888-WHY-WORK (949-9675) or email